Revolutionizing Brand Growth with AI Technology from Vizit – EP 109


Revolutionizing Brand Growth with AI Technology from Vizit

In episode 109 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the hits and misses of this year's Super Bowl ads. While Tyler and Jon praised Bud Light’s seltzer ad and Uber Eats’ Wayne’s World commercial, the two discussed the shortcomings of Toyota’s Paralympic ad with low brand recall and Oatly’s bizarre jingleThe pair agreed that this year’s ads had more winners than losers, but only if marketers can ensure brand recall and map out logical next steps for viewers in their journey to purchase.

Then, Tyler introduces Jehan Hamedi, the Founder and CEO of Vizit, a visual intelligence software company working to measure the effectiveness of visual content, imagery, and design. Jehan describes the previously untapped world of image optimization and explains how Vizit empowers marketers to enhance their visuals with data.

Tyler and Jehan discuss Vizit’s role in media buying strategies, landing page optimization, and conversion rate optimization while touching on which data points marketers should value more. Jehan ends the podcast with his key takeaway: empower your colleagues with data so that visual content will resonate with audiences. Let the visuals do the hard work.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Jehan for an insightful journey into the world of measuring the impact of visuals on consumers and the future of visual marketing content at large.


00:00 - Introduction
00:53 - What’s in the News: The hits and misses of Super Bowl ads
12:34 - Featured Guest: Jehan Hamedi of Vizit
13:15 - What is Vizit?
14:00 - The untapped market of image optimization
15:30 - Vizit’s role in SOP and media buying strategies
19:47 - How Vizit optimized Master Lock’s thumbnails on Amazon
26:13 - Marketers undervaluing visual data points
29:08 - Super Bowl ad rundown
36:24 - Marketing Vizit as a young software company
39:16 - What’s next for Vizit?
44:09 - Jehan’s Key Takeaway
46:08 - Outro


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