Marketing a Brewery Sud-ccessfully with Karl Strauss’ Brian Skarin – EP 76

marketing a brewery with Karl Strauss

Marketing a Brewery Sud-ccessfully with Karl Strauss’ Brian Skarin

In Episode 76, Tyler and Jon discuss successful and not so successful Super Bowl ads from Super Bowl LIV. Tyler shares his thoughts on Google being a solid standout but Tide being his overall winner. Jon adds that repetition was key for Tide to deliver a memorable message on advertising's biggest stage. Next, Tyler dished on the losers of the night whose ads were most forgettable, due to sacrificing brand recognition for a chuckle.

Next, Tyler welcomes Brian Skarin, the Communication and Events Manger at Karl Strauss Brewery, onto the podcast. Brian shares some of the key strategies in building the brand of one of Southern California's most prominent breweries. He goes on to share how Karl Strauss’ brand loyalty and brand partnerships have aided in the success of their successful marketing campaigns

Tyler and Jon's Words of Twisdom feature a quote by Lucid Manager (@lucidmanager) this week. Join Tyler, Jon, and Brian for more insight on how to maximize your marketing strategies while establishing customer loyalty.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - What’s in the News | Super Bowl Ads
06:42 - Featured Guest | Brian Skarin
08:08 - Standing Out in a Crowded Field of Competitors
09:37 - Building a Great Customer Experience
13:44 - Prioritizing Sales Channels
15:11 - Maximizing Quality Content
16:33 - Integrating Paid Strategies
18:37 - Brian's Preferred Advertising Methods
20:04 - Key Challenges
23:40 - Tracking the ROI of Social Campaigns
24:53 - Effective PR Campaigns
27:52 - Prioritizing Media Coverage
29:31 - Building Customer Loyalty
32:02 - Brian’s Key Takeaway
35:10 - Words of Twisdom
43:47 - Outro

Featured Guests

Brian Skarin
Karl Strauss Brewery

What's In the News


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