Can You Hear Us Now? SEO, UX, & Project Management from Verizon Media – EP 77

SEO and Project management withVerizon Media Shalini Solomon

Can You Hear Us Now? SEO, UX, & Project Management from Verizon Media

In Episode 77, Tyler and Jon discuss the news that Brandless is shutting down their operations. Tyler shares that Brandless had an interesting concept but doesn’t possess adequate brand affinity compared to its competitors. He reiterates that it all falls back on identifying a brand story while building brand loyalty in order to instill trust with customers.

Next, Tyler welcomes Shalini Solomon, the Senior Manager of Demand Generation at Verizon Media, onto the podcast. Shalini shares great insight on UI/UX best practices and settles the Agile vs Waterfall project management debate before dishing on her views on SEO and Paid Media.

Tyler and Jon's Words of Twisdom feature a quote by Edward Dearborn (@edwindearborn) this week. Join Tyler, Jon, and Shalini for more the inside scoop on Verizon Media and the latest digital marketing trends.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:15 - What’s in the News | Brandless Shuts Down
07:19 - Featured Guest | Shalini Solomon
07:47 - Shalini Role at Verizon Media
08:12 - What is Verizon Media?
09:00 - Paid Partnership Opportunities
10:07 - Least Publicized UI and UX Mistakes
13:16 - Design and Development Project Challenges
18:35 - Sustaining an Agile Project Management
20:29 - Current Challenge with Verizon Media
26:09 - Lead Attribution Approach
31:10 - Most Important Metrics Being Monitored
33:14 - Key Factors for Verizon’s Media SEO Strategy
37:32 - Prioritizing PPC and SEO
41:06 - Biggest Opportunity in Digital Marketing
44:24 - Key Takeaway
50:29 - Words of Twisdom
53:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Shalini Solomon
Verizon Media

What's In the News


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