Using Video for a Better ROI on Email Marketing – EP 78

using video in email marketing

Using Video for a Better ROI on Email Marketing

In Episode 78, Tyler and Jon share that Uber is partnering up with Adomni, an ad-tech platform. Tyler shares that despite the bad press about driver compensation, this is a great way to monetize assets. Jon mentions that the market may be utilized by those with established Out-of-Home marketing campaigns. The pair theorizes that this partnership could be especially effective in tourist-dominated locations for impulse visits to brick and mortar businesses.

Next, Tyler welcomes Oli Bridge, the CMO of Bonjoro, onto the podcast. Oli shares the significance in building solid relationships with individuals in all roles when building a brand while aiming for brand longevity.

Tyler and Jon's Words of Twisdom feature a quote by Jeff Sheldon (@ugmonk) this week. Join Tyler, Jon, and Oli for more insight on how to maximize your marketing strategies while establishing customer loyalty.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:58 - What’s in the News | Uber's Partnership with Adomni
04:53 - Featured Guest | Oli Bridge
05:38 - What is Bonjoro?
06:55 - Oli's Background
08:48 - E-Commerce Marketer's Results with Bonjoro
10:34 - Utilizing Bonjoro Tools to Increase Email Marketing ROI
12:17 - Video Marketing
14:08 - Creating Content
15:08 - Bonjoro's Marketing Strategy
16:23 - Key Lessons from Affiliate Marketing
17:38 - Determining Customer Lifetime Value While Measuring the ROI of Campaigns
19:36 - Most Effective Channels for Customer Acquisition
23:16 - Tracking Bonjoro’s PR Strategy and ROI
25:20 - Oli’s Key Takeaway
26:15 - Words of Twisdom
30:32 - Outro

Featured Guests

Oli Bridge

What's In the News


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