Launching a New Sport for Net Profit with Crossnet’s Chris Meade – EP 79

Crossnet Chris Meade

Launching a New Sport for Net Profit with Crossnet’s Chris Meade

In Episode 79 of the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the inescapable news of Coronavirus and all of the implications that it has had and will continue to have on businesses across the world. They both agree that while the pandemic is hurting businesses in various ways, there is still room for marketing leaders to take advantage of the situation and find creative solutions amidst the chaos.

Next, Tyler brings in Chris Meade, Co-Founder of Crossnet, the world's first 4-way volleyball game. Chris shares his experience in taking Crossnet from concept to reality, diving into the marketing strategies that have led to Crossnet's success and growth as a game and sport. He provides great insight on how marketing leaders can use targeted video content, influencer marketing, earned media, and email lists to reach potential
customers and build brand loyalty. Ultimately, Chris leaves listeners with the advice to just get started if they have a good idea.

Tyler and Jon wrap up the episode with Words of Twisdom featuring a quote from Magdalena Kala (@MagdalenaKala). Join Tyler, Jon, and Chris for more of the inside scoop on Crossnet and the latest digital marketing trends.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:50 - What’s in the News | Coronavirus
06:25 - Featured Guest | Chris Meade
06:50 - What is Crossnet?
08:10 - Taking Crossnet from Concept to Reality
09:05 - Crossnet's Go-to-Market Strategy
10:10 - Marketing Channels and Strategies
11:43 - Calculating Customer Lifetime Value
12:35 - Crossnet's Geographical Footprint
13:36 - Experiential Marketing
16:03 - Influencer Marketing Strategy
17:20 - Crossnet's Plans for a Professional League
18:08 - Selling Crossnet to Schools
19:09 - PR and Earned Media
19:56 - Gathering Customer Data at Live Events
22:23 - Crossnet's Growing Marketing Team
23:04 - Chris's Key Takeaway
24:19 - Words of Twisdom
30:32 - Outro

Featured Guests

Chris Meade

What's In the News


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