The Ultimate Paid Digital Media Roundtable – EP 80

Paid Digital Advertising Podcast

The Ultimate Paid Digital Media Roundtable

In Episode 80 of the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon continue their discussion of how the Corona Virus is affecting businesses everywhere. Specifically, they discuss how direct to consumer brands are scaling back their budgets amidst the crisis. Ultimately though, they urge marketing leaders to find creative solutions with the budgets that they do have, especially since digital ad costs are comparatively low right now.

Then at the beginning of the roundtable, Tyler makes the special announcement that Fidelitas has opened a new division in Boulder, Colorado called Ignis. Ignis specializes in helping brands that are already spending six figures or more per month on their ad campaigns scale to the next level profitably. In a special format for our marketing leaders listening along, Tyler brings on the Managing Partners of Ignis, Beau Haralson and Alex Herndon, along with the Digital Marketing Director at Fidelitas Development's San Diego headquarters, Ian Britton, for a roundtable discussion on paid digital media.

Tyler and Jon wrap up the episode with an encouraging Words of Twisdom quote from Lewis Howes (@lewishowes), who cites all of the iconic startups that came out of the 2008 financial crisis including Slack, Pinterest, and Venmo. Join Tyler, Jon, Beau, Alex, and Ian for the ultimate paid digital media roundtable.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - What’s in the News
05:25 - Featured Guest | Tyler, Beau, Alex and Ian
07:02 - Difference Between Small & Large Budget Campaigns
11:20 - Top Trends in Paid Media
12:38 - Attribution Tools
17:19 - The Most Undervalued Channels for Paid Media
19:50 - What Makes Great Creative?
22:30 - Navigating Paid Ad Campaigns During the Political Window
26:30 - Why Brands Hit Scaling Plateus
28:56 - Telltale Signs that your PPC Agency is Underperforming
32:07 - How to Know if You Can Trust Your Paid Media Agency
33:55 - How Retargeting is Changing with Shifting Privacy Policies
38:38 - In House vs. Agency for Paid Media
46:33 - Key Takeaways
51:11 - Words of Twisdom
54:04 - Outro

Featured Guests

Beau Haralson
Alex Herndon
Ian Britton

What's In the News

DTC Brands Tightening Up on Digital Advertising
DTC Brands Tightening Up on Advertising


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