Marketing Amidst a Pandemic with MedZone CEO Joe Freeman – EP 81

Marketing during a Pandemic with MedZone

Marketing Amidst a Pandemic with MedZone CEO Joe Freeman

In Episode 81 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon continue the COVID-19 conversation with the new stimulus package, including the Payroll Protection Program. They dive deeper into the benefits the program offers in keeping business moving for small businesses, alleviating the stress of budget cuts with a forgivable loan. They encourage marketing leaders to take advantage of the lucrative opportunity these programs present within this current climate.

Then Tyler introduces MedZone CEO, Joe Freeman. In their interview, they discuss the elements of brand partnership and innovation that have lead to MedZone's success as well as their strategies in the current climate that has allowed for a smooth pivot. Joe makes important points on the necessity for a company to remain proactive in crisis situations through finding solutions such as adding and innovating products to fit the customer's change in lifestyle.

To wrap up the episode, Tyler and Jon share a Words of Twisdom quote from Dan Rockwell, encouraging business leaders to take a moment to consider their team and customer/client dedication in the midst of the pandemic.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:46 - What’s in the News
07:03 - Casual Conversation with Joe Freeman
08:38 - Corona Marketing Hypothetical
14:40 - Featured Guest | Joe Freeman
18:46 - How MedZone is being Proactive in Today's Turbulent Climate
20:46 - Providing Value to Your Customers
23:52 - COVID-19's Impact on Marketing Strategies
27:21 - Earned Media and PR Strategies During COVID-19
29:36 - Product Innovation at MedZone
33:27 - Market Research Methodology
35:09 - Asking The Right Questions
37:52 - Growing the MedZone Brand
39:21 - Brand Awareness
41:08 - What Joe Looks For When Hiring
44:37 - Key Takeaway
47:41 - Words of Twisdom
49:33 - Outro

Featured Guests

Joe Freeman

What's In the News

New Paycheck Protection Loans
SBA Loans - Coronavirus Stimulus Package


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