Oh, Baby! Digital Marketing Attribution and more with Newton Baby’s Aaron Zagha – EP 82


Oh, Baby! Digital Marketing Attribution and more with Newton Baby’s Aaron Zagha

In Episode 82 Tyler and Jon start us off with some insightful conversation on the new platform Quibi and its unique style of streaming content. They dive into the consumer-friendly nature of a mobile-based, short-form content provider perfectly tailored for the new generation and the current global climate. Tyler and Jon highlight the potential opportunities in advertising with the short form medium lending a hand to quality advertisements.

Tyler goes on to introduce Aaron Zagha, the CMO of Newton Baby, a consumer start up providing the safest crib mattress on the market. They go on to discuss the ins and outs of effective D2C marketing and how to accurately target consumers. Aaron continues by emphasizing the importance of attribution data and feedback in understanding your current and potential consumer bases.

To close out the episode, Jon shares some Words Of Twisdom from Jennifer Gluckow (@Jengitomer). Also, don't miss Tyler's upcoming talk on making the most of your depleted marketing resources at ScaleThat Summit, an online marketing conference committed to raising 100,000 pounds of food donations for Feeding America. The conference goes live on April 15th.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - What’s in the News
07:21 - Featured Guest | Aaron Zagha
07:35 - Newton Baby
10:45 - Identifying Newton Baby's Target Audience
13:04 - What Marketing Channels Have Been Successful for Newton Baby
14:30 - Paid Search and SEO Campaigns Working Together
17:50 - Marketing Team Composition
18:23 - In-House Vs. Outsourcing
23:24 - SMS at Different Stages
28:34 - Attribution Through Facebook and Amazon
31:02 - Tools For Attribution Measurement
32:00 - Influencer Marketing Strategy
35:32 - Podcast Marketing Campaigns
37:07 - Building Brand Loyalty On Rented Platforms
43:23 - Key Takeaway
45:19 - Words of Twisdom
49:53 - Outro

Featured Guests

Aaron Zagha

What's In the News

Quibi Enters the Streaming Service Arena


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