Marketing Lessons from Lessonly’s Kyle Lacy – EP 83

marketing lessons with Kyle Lacy from Lessonly

Marketing Lessons From Lessonly's Kyle Lacy

In Episode 83, Tyler and Jon get into some non-Corona Virus news for a change; discussing Google's removal of cookies and the effects it will have on collecting information. They make a good case for how businesses with a loyalty marketing strategy can use this method as a more non-threatening approach to collecting consumer data.

Afterward, Tyler talks shop with Kyle Lacy, the CMO of Lessonly. Tyler and Kyle discuss today's climate and the strategies that have been key to navigating it. Kyle notes that while there is change, Lessonly's mission statement of helping to do better work for better lives stays relevant and true.

Then Kyle dives deeper into how the company manages marketing through a more targeted approach and holds making a direct, personal connection to the customer in high regard. He also dishes on some of his hiring methods to find the best team members using open ended questions during the interview process.

Then Jon and Tyler share some words of Twisdom from Bruce Van Horn @BruceVH, highlighting the importance of how you present your business in a consistent fashion.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - What’s in the News
09:27 - Featured Guest | Kyle Lacy
10:37 - Personal Brands
11:37 - Brand Positioning Strategy
13:27 - Quarantines Effect on Business
15:25 - Product Innovation in Today's Climate
17:01 - Lessonly's Recruiting Strategy
22:21 - Interview Strategies
25:20 - Most Important Marketing Channels for Lessonly
28:09 - Branded vs. Non-Branded Search Terms
29:33 - Email Marketing Strategy
30:43 - Lessonly's Biggest Marketing Challenges
34:13 - How Marketing and Sales Teams are Working Together at Lessonly
37:37 - What Marketing Teams are Missing
40:00 - What's Next for Lessonly
45:48 - Key Takeaway
46:38 - Words of Twisdom
48:58 - Outro

Featured Guests

Kyle Lacy

What's In the News

A Cookie-Less Era
Will Loyalty Programs Gain Renewed Value in a Cookie-less Era


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