Crafting a Better Social Media Strategy with Minted’s Leah Randall – EP 84

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Crafting a Better Social Media Strategy with Minted’s Leah Randall

In Episode 84, Tyler and Jon begin with an interesting bit of news out of Amazon. They continue to explain how Amazon's strategy of trying to reduce sales to deal with high demand is hurting third party sellers. They go on to discuss the benefits of having independence from sales platforms and diversifying your revenue streams as a brand. Jon makes a good point that while it may seem Amazon’s decision is in response to some “first world problems”, it actually is a move meant to benefit customer experience as a whole.

Then Tyler introduces Minted’s Senior Social Media Strategist, Leah Randall. She details her experience with multiple household brands, including Uber Eats and Hilton, and dives into her diverse set of experiences in marketing to different demographics.

She goes on to make the point that authenticity is critical in marketing to these communities. She also recommends the utilization of all social media channels in today's age, given that you have a solid plan in place. Without proper engagement, your audience will lose interest.

After much more engaging discussion Leah leaves us with an awesome quote stating, “Content is king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants”, enforcing the importance of quality over quantity in the world of social media marketing.

Then Jon shares his words of Twisdom which remind marketing leaders and business owners not to dwell in the climate of today but look to the future for the opportunities that will come out of the current global crisis.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:59 - What’s in the News
08:02 - Featured Guest | Leah Randall
08:14 - What is Minted?
09:33 - Working With Big Brands
12:14 - How Social Media Strategies Differ Industry to Industry
16:27 - The Changing Social Media Marketing Landscape
18:57 - What Marketing Channels are Most Important to Minted
20:43 - How Minted Measures Return on Investment
22:52 - Using Paid Ads to Grow Minted’s Social Presence
27:06 - Leah's Favorite Software/Tools
29:41 - When To Post to Social Media
33:15 - Audience Targeting
34:13 - How Marketing and Sales Teams are Working Together at Lessonly
36:05 - Favorite Social Media “Hack”
37:39 - Busting Social Media Myths
42:06 - Key Takeaway
43:27 - Words of Twisdom
48:29 - Outro

Featured Guests

Leah Randall

What's In the News

Amazon's New Strategy
Amazon's Strategy to Get You to Buy Less


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