Google Helps Merchants with Free Shopping Feed Listings, Plus a Panel! – EP 85

google shopping feed listings and a panel

Google Helps Merchants with Free Shopping Feed Listings, Plus a Panel!

In Episode 85, Tyler and Jon discuss Google making product listings available for free to merchants. Jon goes on to explain how Google wants to make more items noticeable to the public as a response to the current climate of COVID-19. Tyler makes an important point in not slashing one's paid ad budget due to the new organic listings possibly being hidden by paid adds still. He goes on to point out the opportunity available to invest in both organic and paid shopping feeds, highlighting the importance of a well organized and optimized feed. Tyler continues to mention the great opportunity this brings for Google as well as other third party marketplaces like Shopify and Pinterest as Amazon alternatives.

Then listeners are treated to an exclusive look at the ScaleThat Summit panel that Tyler moderated with Ivonne Kinser, the Senior Digital Marketing Director for Avocados from Mexico, Danica Carey, the Marketing Manager at Seirus Innovation, as well as Jonathan Steffens, the eCommerce Manager at American Outdoor Brands.

The summit guests go on to explain their strategic pivots amidst the pandemic with many of them taking this opportunity as a way to educate both consumers and themselves in this unprecedented era.

The panelists touch on a variety of topics, including consumer education, attribution, and job interview tips for listeners that may be on the market.

Jon wraps up the podcast with Words of Twisdom from @Command_app. Jon and Tyler affirm the message of caring for consumer needs and having a level of anticipation akin to the methods the Summit guests have taken in order to solidify the consumer-brand relationship in a sincere fashion.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:51 - What’s in the News
05:59 - Introduction to Panelists
09:52 - COVID-19’s Affect on American Outdoor Brands
11:16 - COVID-19’s Affect on Avocados from Mexico
15:52 - Seirus' Pivot During COVID-19
19:04 - Seirus’ Customer Engagement Strategy During COVID-19
21:34 - How American Outdoor Brands Educates New Customers
24:06 - Avocados from Mexico’s Most Important Marketing Channels During COVID-19
28:50 - Seirus’ Use Of Social Media In Today's Climate
32:45 - How American Outdoor Brands Tracks Attribution and Integrates Campaigns
34:58 - Avocados from Mexico’s Integration of Traditional/Digital Media Into Their Attribution
40:23 - Seirus’ Integration of Earned Channels into Their Attribution
42:49 - Danica’s Tips on Standing Out as a Marketing Job Candidate
46:32 - Jonathan’s Take on Standing Out as a Marketing Job Candidate
47:44 - Ivonne’s take on Standing Out as a Marketing Job Candidate
52:09 - Ivonne’s Continued Growth/ Education As A Marketer
53:56 - Danica’s Take on Growth/ Education As A Marketer
56:09 - What Channels Would Danica Invest In Running a Start Up?
56:56 - What Channels Would Jonathan Invest In Running a Start Up?
57:21 - What Channels Would Ivonne Invest In Running a Start Up?
57:38 - The Biggest Opportunities Ivonne Sees for Marketing Leaders Today
59:28 - The Biggest Opportunities Danica Sees for Marketing Leaders Today
01:01:14 -The Biggest Opportunities Jonathan Sees for Marketing Leaders Today
01:03:45 - Key Take Away : Ivonne
01:04:46 - Key Take Away : Jonathan
01:05:56 - Key Take Away : Danica
01:08:48 - Words of Twisdom
01:09:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Danica Carey
Ivonne Kinser
Avocados from Mexico
Jonathan Steffens
American Outdoor Brands

What's In the News

Google Helps Merchants
Google Helps Merchants with Free Shopping Feed Listings


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