Whitelisting and Influencer Marketing with Hashtag Paid’s Phil Jacobson – EP 86


Whitelisting and Influencer Marketing with Hashtag Paid’s Phil Jacobson

In Episode 86, Tyler and Jon dive into Shopify's new app: Shop. Tyler goes deeper into the potential battle with Amazon that Shopify is setting into motion with their new app by providing services that will impact a significant portion of the eCommerce ecosystem. With advantages like local listings and no extra charges to merchants, the Shop app has great potential.

Moving forward Tyler introduces Phil Jacobson, the VP of Product and Growth at Hashtag Paid. Phil describes Hashtag Paid as a market place for businesses to get in touch with creators as well as an innovator in providing marketing tools for businesses. He goes on to highlight the importance of working with creators to build legitimate brand relationships anchored in relevance as opposed to commission.

This relationship is discussed in greater depth when factoring in the authentic experience Phil strives for when working with brands at Hashtag Paid as he details with how some of their best customers are leveraging whitelisting. Phil discusses the need for authenticity and goes on to outline some of the common mistakes brands are making when working with influencers and implementing their own whitelisting campaigns.

After wrapping up the interview, Jon brings us Words of Twisdom from @CleverTap that remind business leaders to focus on the value their products bring their customers.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:44 - What’s in the News
06:15 - Featured Guest | Phil Jacobson
06:31 - Hashtag Paid
07:25 - Creator Whitelisting
08:55 - Creators vs. Influencers
12:29 - Whitelisting in Different Industries
14:29 - Can Whitelisting be Used as a Work-around for Facebook's Ad Policies?
15:23 - Tracking Metrics with Third Party Creators
16:55 - The Potential Competition of Facebook Ad Manager Implementing Influencer Management
19:36 - Could Facebook be Interested in Acquiring Hashtag Paid?
20:20 - Brand + Creator Relationships
22:01 - Channels Brands are Integrating with Whitelisting
25:14 - Common Influencer Marketing and Whitelisting Mistakes
29:12 - What Successful Whitelisting Campaigns are Doing
30:29The Importance of 3rd Party Review Platforms for Hashtag Paid's Own Marketing
32:23 - Changes to Come in eCommerce
37:02 - Phil's Take On Shopify's new Shop App and its Potential to Compete with Amazon
45:30 - Key Takeaway
48:48 - Words of Twisdom
49:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Phil Jacobson
Hashtag Paid

What's In the News

New App from Shopify


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