eCommerce Growth Strategies with Bulk Reef Supply’s Jeff Cash – EP 87


eCommerce Growth Strategies with Bulk Reef Supply’s Jeff Cash

In Episode 87, Tyler and Jon bring us a double feature for in the news, starting with Facebook's acquisition of Giphy. Tyler and Jon dive into the relevance of utilizing gifs in an online marketing setting while reminding listeners of the complications that can come with it. With the majority of gifs made up of popular IP’s and celebrities, licensing issues abound.

Shifting gears, Tyler brings up the “new” delivery pizza chain, Pasqually’s, and its true identity. Dealing with the current climate, companies like Chuck E Cheese and Hooters have resorted using different names in order to bring in customers via delivery services like Grubhub. But Tyler and Jon warn of the downsides of a marketing strategy hinging on bait-and-switch tactics.

After some humorous back and forth discussion on twitter and emails, Tyler introduces Jeff Cash of Bulk Reef Supply. They dive into Jeff's experience in the hobby industry and the rise in sales in the current climate. Jeff details the importance of marketing on sites like YouTube, where Bulk Reef Supply uploads over 5-7 videos each week. Jeff emphasizes the importance of being an authority in your niche and helping your customers realize how your products help fulfill their dreams. He states that when people can see the final product, they can imagine it in their own space as well. Jeff also gets into their independence from third party marketplaces like Amazon. While Jeff speaks highly of Amazon, he wants to cultivate the most personal and beneficial experience for their consumer base through DTC or brick and mortar distribution. To wrap up the interview, Jeff leaves us with his key take away: to always maintain a culture of testing. He reminds us that what works today may not work tomorrow and it never hurts to acquire more data.

Jon gives us this episode's Words of Twisdom from @12thcross saying, “Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good.” Tyler and Jon highlight the importance of leveraging PR, especially in times like these.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - What’s in the News
15:46 - The Permanence of Email Addresses
18:06 - Featured Guest | Jeff Cash
20:33 - Bulk Reef Supply's Strategies in Today's Climate
22:37 - Brand Loyalty
25:33 - Leveraging 3rd Party Sales Channels
28:29 - Selling the Dream
29:28 - Most Effective Channels for Bulk Reef Supply
30:46 - Being a Source of Authority For Your Customer Base
34:05 - Bulk Reef Supply's SEO Strategy
34:50 - Believing in What You're Selling
40:03 - Tailoring A Message to Bulk Reef Supply's Diverse Customer Base
44:31 - Underrated Marketing Strategies
50:04 - Being Competitive in Fulfillment
51:29 - 3rd-Party Financing as a Conversion Optimization Tool
52:31 - Biggest Marketing Opportunities Today
53:30 - Key Takeaway
55:55 - Words of Twisdom
56:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Jeff Cash
Bulk Reef Supply

What's In the News

Facebook Acquires Giphy

New Delivery Pizza Chain - Pasqually's


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