Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Other 2020 Marketing Trends – EP 88

2020 marketing trends with John Wall

Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Other 2020 Marketing Trends with John Wall

In Episode 88 Tyler and Jon discuss Google's push into Facebook's advertising territory with the launch of discovery ads. Jon explains how Google's launch may be easier due to the amount of data they already possess. Tyler continues by sharing Facebook's plan to begin compensating creators on Instagram for content. This could cause some marketing leaders to pull budgets off of secondary platforms like Snapchat or TikTok in order to increase budget with both Facebook and Google.

Afterward, Tyler introduces John Wall, Partner and Head of Business Development at Trust Insights. John is also a host on the Marketing Over Coffee podcast. John explains the importance of analytics at Trust Insights. They use this data, after using a machine learning algorithm, to develop predictive analytics moving forward. John highlights the importance of machine learning in making a comprehensive model of the climate of the future for marketing. He also explains the accessibility to the technology with services like google analytics. With machine learning accessibility, outsourced work can be eliminated depending on which bidding strategies are most optimal.

After discussing favorite software and tools along with their integration into machine learning, Tyler and John chat on TikTok’s short form appeal in advertising. Tyler gets into the difficulty on creating sustainable micro content. John reiterates that sustainable content for marketing can be achieved when it can be connected to the customer's journey. Then John gives us his key take away. He shares Trust Insights' motto, urging marketing leaders to utilize their technology to enhance the human experience and tell the story of their brands in a genuine way.

After Tyler and John Wall wrap up the interview with an insightful conversation on the economy of podcasting, Our resident wizard, Jon Merlin, delivers our Words of Twisdom. This week they come from @skillongo_com, who shared a quote from Joe Chernov. Both Jon and Tyler highlight the importance of taking the emotional route in connecting with customers.

As promised, here's a link to the Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:20 - What’s in the News | Google Launches Discovery Ads
07:58 - Featured Guest | John Wall
08:17 - Trust Insights
09:08 - Most Important PR Metrics
10:10 - Benefits of Machine Learning and AI
13:05 - Predictive Analytics
15:01 - John’s Favorite Tools and Software in Marketing
16:45 - Utilizing Data in Machine Learning Algorithms
18:00 - SEO Keyword Strategies
22:05 - TikTok
26:52 - 2020 Marketing Trends
30:33 - Best Take Aways From Marketing Over Coffee
32:39 - Leveraging a Podcast as a Marketing Tool
34:52 - The Marketing Over Coffee Playbook
38:27 - Key Takeaway
39:55 - Economics of Podcasting
48:16 - Words of Twisdom
49:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

John Wall
Marketing Over Coffee

What's In the News

Google Launches Discovery Ads


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