Customer Experience and Growth Marketing Lessons – EP 89

customer experience and growth marketing

Customer Experience and Growth Marketing Lessons with Valentino Perrina

In Episode 89, Tyler and Jon start off by talking LinkedIn's new engagement re-marketing feature for advertisers. Tyler discusses the benefits for b2b marketing leaders that have been running the same top of funnel ads again and again throughout longer sales cycles. Jon reminds us as well that with browsers like Chrome removing third-party cookies, LinkedIn is ahead of the game in adaptation to more reliance on platform analytics and data.

Then Tyler introduces Valentino Perrina, CEO of Nutre Meal Plans. Right off the bat, Valentino goes into his personal connection to the company and its motivation to help people to eat better and feel better. Valentino highlights how brand ambassadors and influencers have helped build a network of consumers. Growth also comes from educating potential and current customers while providing a great experience. In all, Valentino leaves us with his key take away in anticipating the needs of the consumer and fulfilling needs of the customer that competitors don’t account for.

After the interview, Jon gives us this episode's Words of Twisdom. This week's tweet comes from @Yoni_Solomon, “Your ability to turnaround high quality + high impact programs in days/weeks (rather than months) is a marketing moat. Very few teams can move quickly, even fewer can do it well.”

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:52 - In The News: LinkedIn Launches Engagement Re-marketing Ads
04:20 - Featured Guest | Valentino Perrina
04:33 - Getting Started with Nutre Meal Plans
05:44 - Growth with Brand Ambassadors
06:23 - Picking Brand Ambassadors
07:23 - Push Marketing with Social Media
08:18 - Paid vs. Organic in Social Media
09:43 - COVID-19s Impact on Nutre Meal Plans Business Model
13:24 - Dealing with Big Budget Competitors
15:44 - Crafting a Customer Experience at Nutre Meal Plans
16:33 - Customer Retention Strategies
17:04 - Email Campaigns at Nutre Meal Plans
18:16 - Event Marketing Experience Crossover
19:03 - Whats Next for Nutre Meal Plans
19:59 - Expansion Plans?
21:02 - Key Take Away
22:09 - Words Of Twisdom
24:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Valentino Perrina
Nutre Meal Plans

What's In the News

LinkedIn Adds Engagement Remarketing for Video and Lead Ads


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