eCommerce Marketing Strategies with Hylete’s Jon Palmer – EP 90


eCommerce Marketing Strategies with Hylete’s Jon Palmer

In Episode 90 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the new partnership between Walmart and Shopify and its importance to eCommerce merchants. They both believe that this diversification presents opportunities for marketing leaders to push their product across third party channels outside of Amazon.

Next, Tyler introduces Jon Palmer, the Marketing Director for Hylete. Hylete's a digital-first fitness lifestyle brand. Jon discusses how Hylete’s native digital organization stems from other competitors and how working directly with customers drives their success. He also dishes on other marketing strategies that have worked for Hylete during the pandemic. He provides great insight for eCommerce differentiation and the importance of customer engagement before talking through his approach to attribution. Ultimately, Jon advises listeners to push the limitations of their systems.

Tyler and Jon wrap up the episode with Words of Twisdom, featuring a quote from Matthew Kobach (@mkobach) who states "YouTube isn’t social media, but also a video search engine". Join Tyler, Jon (the Wizard), and Jon Palmer for more insight on digital branding and eCommerce strategies.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - What’s in the News | Walmart and Shopify’s Partnership
05:33 - Featured Guest | Jon Palmer
06:48 - What differentiates Hylete from its competitors?
08:57 - Working from Home's impact on Customer Engagement
12:02 - The Impact of Investor Relations on Marketing
14:03 - Email Marketing Strategies
17:45 - Hylete’s Welcome Series
19:42 - Hylete’s Quiz for Size Shopping
24:28 - Maintaining Price Integrity
27:00 - eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid
28:26 - Biggest Challenge for Hylete Today
31:46 - Attribution Models
32:47 - Jon’s Key Takeaway
35:00 - Words of Twisdom
36:50 - Outro

Featured Guests

Jon Palmer

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What's In the News

Walmart & Shopify
Walmart Partners with Shopify to Expand its Online Marketplace


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