Building a Successful DTC Brand with BeardBrand’s Eric Bandholz – EP 91

dtc marketing with Bearbrand

Building a Successful DTC Brand with BeardBrand's Eric Bandholz

In Episode 91 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss brands pulling their advertising on Facebook behind the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. They believe that some, if not most of these brands are trying to use this opportunity to cut ad spend while hiding behind a noble cause. 
Next, Tyler introduces Eric Bandholz, the Founder of BeardBrand. BeardBrand is an American men’s grooming company in Austin, Texas. Eric talks about starting BeardBrand and their unique mission statement (To Make Men Awesome) that factors into their marketing strategies. Eric also dishes on growing a DTC brand from scratch and some of his strategies, including influencer marketing and customer acquisition through direct engagement.
Tyler and Eric go on to talk about the issue of privacy from companies using data from social channels. Ultimately, Eric advises listeners to step up as leaders and take risks.
Join Tyler, Jon, and Eric for more information on customer attributions and marketing.
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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - What’s in the News | Facebook Boycott
13:36 - Featured Guest | Eric Bandholz
13:48 - The Idea of BeardBrand
16:39 - BeardBrand's Mission
18:14 - Customer Acquisition Strategies
20:36 - Attribution Challenges
22:35 - Influencer Marketing
25:55 - Data Tracking
30:20 - Amazon
35:45 - BeardBrand’s Quiz and Tips for Listeners on Best Practices
38:47 - Lessons Learned
41:00 - Facebook Boycott
45:15 - Eric’s Key Takeaway
47:25 - Outro

Featured Guests

Eric Bandholz

What's In the News

Facebook Boycott

"Stop Hate for Profit"


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