Mastering the Customer Experience with Bridgestone’s Tim Creed – EP 92


Mastering the Customer Experience with Bridgestone’s Tim Creed

In Episode 92 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss how Pinterest is developing a new advertising model that will split revenue with creators. Tastemade was the first to sign on for the pilot run. Jon and Tyler believe that while Pinterest is growing popular as a social media platform, it will have to learn how to close the gap compared to Facebook advertising campaigns. 
Next, Tyler introduces Tim Creed, the Director of eCommerce at Bridgestone Americas. Tim explains the process and appeal for customers to purchase tires online. For a brand like Bridgestone, Tim focuses on the challenges of the DTC experience and the importance for effective eCommerce solutions. He also discusses Bridgestone's partnership with third party platforms like Amazon and exploring the different aspects of customer acquisition. Ultimately, Tim advises our marketing leaders to play a key role in accommodating the shift of the customer experience.
Join Tyler, Jon, and Tim for more information on customer acquisition and eCommerce strategies. 
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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - What’s in the News | Pinterest’s New Advertising Model
06:37 - Featured Guest | Tim Creed
06:58 - Buying Tires Online?
10:43 - Firestone's Retail Trends
14:40 - Optimizing the Customer Experience
17:37 - eCommerce Strategies
19:03 - eCommerce Challenges in Tires
22:40 - Partnership with Third Party Platforms
26:05 - Amazon's Battle with Counterfeit Products
28:56 - Opportunities with Amazon
30:28 - Item Level Profitability
33:53 - Attribution Modeling
37:19 - The Future of eCommerce
40:06 - Tim’s Key Takeaway
41:12 - Outro

Featured Guests

Tim Creed

What's In the News

Pinterest’s New Advertising Model


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