Navigating the New Normal in eCommerce Marketing – EP 93


Navigating the New Normal in eCommerce Marketing with Patrick Moran

In Episode 93 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss TikTok’s new self-serve advertising platform and how it may benefit marketing leaders. They go on to cover TikTok's ongoing data privacy issues and Tyler advises that if marketers have the resources to try out TikTok's ad platform, it's not the worst bet out there.

Next, Tyler introduces Patrick Moran, a marketing leader with experience at a wide variety of household brands including Netflix and Spotify. Patrick dishes on the commonalities between the different brands and how companies need to evolve with their consumers. He dives into his experiences between Netflix and Spotfiy and the differences of their marketing outreach. He also gives his perspective of his time at Yik Yak and its issues involving username handles and bullying within the community. With Patrick’s current company, he says that working in smaller teams has helped improve efficiency. Ultimately, Patrick advises that the biggest marketing platform is the product itself.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Patrick for more information on brand performance and marketing strategies.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:10 - What’s in the News | TikTok’s Self Serve Ad Platform
07:50 - Featured Guest | Patrick Moran
08:44 - Commonalities Between Brands
12:10 - Comparing Spotify and Netflix
18:12 - Yik Yak
22:30 - Pandemic Affecting Patrick’s Current Company
26:20 - Team Engagement While Working Remotely
29:00 - Underrated KPIs
33:00 - Marketing Challenges
34:35 - SEO
35:45 - Patrick’s Key Takeaway
38:06 - Outro

Featured Guests

Patrick Moran

What's In the News

TikTok's Self-Serve Ad Platform


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