The BigCommerce IPO and other eCommerce Trends – EP 94

BigCommerce IPO with Rick Watson

The BigCommerce IPO and other eCommerce Trends

In Episode 94 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss how Disney’s Hulu is launching a self-service platform that will make it easier for smaller advertisers to buy ads on its platform. The program is in beta currently and the waitlist to participate is available. Jon and Tyler agree that creativity, great storytelling, and messaging are key elements for advertisers of all sizes on Hulu, but especially those with smaller budgets dipping their toes into the platform for the first time.
Next, Tyler introduces Rick Watson, the Founder and CEO of RMW Commerce. Rick discusses the biggest news in the eCommerce industry as BigCommerce prepares to go public and the predicted impact the IPO could have on the rest of the industry. Drawing from the role he plays in RMW Commerce, Rick explains how he guides business owners to select the best fit eCommerce platform and agency. He also lists the common challenges in eCommerce operations and how to solve them. Ultimately, Rick advises business owners to assess their business’ aspects of organization, finances, and capabilities to determine the next steps for their business’ eCommerce operations. Join Tyler, Jon, and Rick for more information on eCommerce operations and finding the right agency (hint: head over to
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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:11 - What’s in the News | Disney’s Hulu Offers Self-Managed Ad Service for Marketers
05:33 - Featured Guest | Rick Watson, RMW Commerce
05:52 - BigCommerce Moving to Go Public?
07:58 - Does BigCommerce Make it to it's IPO?
15:20 - Shopify’s Strengths
21:08 - Choosing the Right Platform for eCommerce Start-ups
26:05 - Hiring the Right Agency
32:00 - Great Agency Pitches
38:19 - Common Challenges in eCommerce Operations
43:38 - eCommerce Trends
49:03 - Rick’s Key Takeaway
50:12 - Outro

Featured Guests

Rick Watson

What's In the News

Disney's Hulu Self Managed Ad Service


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