Marketing a Telehealth Brand During a Pandemic – EP 95

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Marketing A Telehealth Brand During a Pandemic

In Episode 95 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss how Microsoft is continuing to pursue the purchase of TikTok. Due to security concerns, TikTok is facing a ban in the United States if its parent company, ByteDance, doesn't liquidate to an American firm. Not only would this impact ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, but also the companies who have invested their marketing in TikTok. Jon and Tyler agree that marketing leaders must invest in owned channels like email and SMS no matter how tempting it can be to go all-in on shiny objects like TikTok.

Next, Tyler introduces Babak Movassaghi, the CEO of InfiniteMD, and Amanda Wood, the Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Communications for InfiniteMD. Babak discusses the role InfiniteMD plays in the Telehealth industry before Amanda describes InfiniteMD’s marketing strategy by honing its brand and message through its existing channels. Amanda and Babak then emphasize on the importance of building trust with existing and potential customers and how to achieve such trust. They also explain the positive impact COVID-19 has brought upon not just InfiniteMD’s business in general, but also its marketing strategy. Overall, Babak and Amanda advise marketing leaders to lead with empathy and to be authentic.

Join Tyler, Jon, Babak, and Amanda for more on strategic marketing and building trust with existing and potential customers.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:15 - What’s in the News | Microsoft Pursues Purchase of TikTok
11:30 - Featured Guests | Babak Movassaghi and Amanda Wood, InfiniteMD
12:22 - InfiniteMD’s Marketing Strategy
16:20 - Building Trust with Customers
19:21 - The Impact of COVID-19 on InfiniteMD
21:40 - InfiniteMD’s Customer Acquisition Channels
23:31 - InfiniteMD’s Biggest Marketing Challenge
24:54 - Disruptions in the Telehealth Industry
26:38 - Measuring ROI in Marketing
29:23 - What’s on the Horizon for InfiniteMD
32:04 - Amanda’s and Babak’s Key Takeaways
34:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Babak Movassaghi

Amanda Wood

What's In the News

Microsoft Pursues Purchase of TikTok


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