eCommerce Marketing Strategies with American Outdoor Brands’ Jonathan Steffens – EP 96


eCommerce Marketing Strategies with American Outdoor Brands’ Jonathan Steffens

In Episode 96 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss Facebook’s new tool for small to businesses and creators to conduct and host paid online events through Facebook. The Online Event tool is free for the first year. Facebook is launching this to aid SMBs during the pandemic since the majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from smaller brands. This could be a game-changer if Facebook executes it correctly. Jon and Tyler agree that when there’s a new feature available within a strong platform like Facebook, marketing leaders should test it and see how it works; it may turn out to be something incredibly profitable.

Next, Tyler introduces Jonathan Steffens, eCommerce Manager at American Outdoor Brands. Jonathan explains his role at American Outdoor Brands and the unique circumstances that come with housing eighteen different brands. Drawing on his experience in eCommerce, Jonathan explains his approach to attribution modeling, selling products that are challenging to advertise—such as firearm accessories and tools—and managing multiple re-platforming projects at once. He also covers the current trends in eCommerce and the new opportunities for eCommerce marketing leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, Jonathan advises marketing leaders to constantly be innovating while focusing on one process, technique, or method at a time.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Jonathan for more information on effective eCommerce management and marketing challenging products.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:41 - What’s in the News | Facebook’s New Online Event Tool
05:37 - Featured Guest | Jonathan Steffens
06:39 - Jonathan’s Role at American Outdoor Brands
10:04 - Jonathan’s Approach to Attribution Modeling
14:42 - Trends in eCommerce During the COVID-19 Pandemic
17:19 - Differences Between eCommerce Platforms
21:13 - Handling Site Redesigns
24:30 - eCommerce Site Launch Pitfalls to Avoid
29:47 - The Causes of eCommerce Projects Going Over Time and Budget
36:09 - Biggest Opportunity for eCommerce Brands Right Now
37:52 - Jonathan’s Key Takeaway
40:28 - Outro

Featured Guests

Jonathan Steffens

What's In the News

Facebook Launches Free "Paid Online Events" for SMBs


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