Demand Gen Hacks and More with Sendoso’s Daniel Frohnen – EP 97


Demand Gen Hacks and More with Sendoso's Daniel Frohnen

In Episode 97 of The Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon start by discussing the launch of Walmart+. This new Walmart offering will compete with Amazon in the fast delivery and convenience market. The service will come with a $98 annual subscription fee, coming in $21 lower than Amazon’s (albeit with far less features). Jon and Tyler agree that Walmart+ could be a game-changer for rural areas, and provide more targeted marketing opportunities for Walmart's third party sellers and flagship brands alike.

Next, Tyler talks with Daniel Frohnen, the Chief Marketing Officer at Sendoso. Daniel explains Sendoso and the services it provides to customers. Daniel goes on to discuss differences between ABX and ABM before elaborating on Sendoso’s strategy with hyper-relevance, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Daniel provides some great demand gen hacks for marketing leaders to apply as we live out "the new normal." Daniel’s key takeaway was to not spend your way out of a pandemic; he suggests continuing to do what works and find channels that are successful for you.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Daniel for more insights on demand gen hacks and marketing strategies. Looking for a Strategic Marketing Partner to support your brand? Be sure to head over to Fidelitas Development and drop us a line!

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:49 - What’s In The News | Walmart Plus Launches September 15th
07:25 - Featured Guest | Daniel Frohnen
08:18 - Sendoso at a Glance
09:25 - Differences between ABX and ABM
15:30 - Daniel’s Pillars of a Successful ABX Program
16:35 - Case Study of Success - Sendoso
19:00 - The Pricing Page Debate
21:20 - Dan’s COVID-19 “New Normal” Marketing Hacks
27:20 - Virtual Conferences during COVID-19
28:30 - Dan’s Key Takeaway
30:23 - Outro

Featured Guests

Daniel Frohnen

What's In the News

Walmart Plus Launches September 15th


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