Video Marketing Tips and Tricks with Daniel Glickman – EP 98

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Video Marketing Tips and Tricks with Daniel Glickman

In Episode 98 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the new ad limit that Facebook is set to impose in February. As Facebook continues to revamp their ad platform, businesses will be sorted into various groups spending on their previous ad budget, which will result in a set number of ad variants that marketing leaders will be allowed to utilize at any given time. Tyler and Jon discuss how this will affect marketing agencies. The two also brought up the question about how dynamic ads will be counted and that many agencies are still waiting for additional information from Facebook.
Following this conversation, Tyler introduces Daniel Glickman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Wave.Video. Daniel goes on to explain Wave.Video's services and his role at the company. He uses his experience and expertise to dish out advice video advertising as well as tactics to avoid. Then Daniel reveals his comprehensive list of video marketing tips, ultimately advising to keep it simple and leverage a set marketing strategy instead of running on the fly.
Join Tyler, Jon, and Daniel to gain a greater insight into the role of video marketing and centralizing new and personal technology.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - What’s in the News | Facebook’s New Ad Limit
07:38 - Featured Guest | Daniel Glickman
08:03 - Overview of Wave.Video
08:39 - Tips for Practical Video Ads
10:12 - Reasons Video Campaigns Go Wrong
13:56 - Gated Videos vs White Papers
17:54 - Advice on Budgeting for Video Production
20:19 - Integrating Videos into Marketing Funnels
24:28 - Wave.Video’s Go To Marketing Strategies
32:52 - Key Takeaway
33:16 - Outro

Featured Guests

Daniel Glickman

What's In the News

Facebook's New Ad Limit


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