Integrating Sales and Marketing Strategies with Showpad’s Russell Wurth – EP 99


Integrating Sales and Marketing Strategies with Showpad's Russell Wurth

In Episode 99 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon discuss the removal of Facebook’s 20% text limits on ad images. They explain that the more text that’s displayed on an ad, the fewer people Facebook will show it to. Tyler and Jon discuss how with fewer rules in place, ad creators have more opportunities to be creative. Then, Tyler and Jon go on to discuss the launch of LinkedIn Stories, which creates a significant opportunity for savvy B2B marketers, recruiters, and job seekers.

Then Tyler introduces Russell Wurth, Vice President of Sales Enablement at Showpad. Russell goes on to explain Showpad’s services and his role at the company. He uses his knowledge and experience to advise about sales enablement technologies. He also explains the differences in the mindsets and priorities of sales and marketing teams and the importance of cross-team communication.

Russell wraps up by suggesting that one should not hesitate to broaden their perspective. Marketing leaders should be prepared to share a hypothesis with sales leaders and collaborate on the results in order to improve the output from both teams.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Russell to gain better insight into the role of sales enablement and communicating better with marketing members.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:54 - What’s In The News | Facebook Removes 20% Text Limit on Ad Images + LinkedIn Stories
08:05 - Featured Guest | Russell Wurth
08:39 - Showpad
14:19 - Tips for Sales and Marketing Leaders to Drive Better Results
15:32 - How Marketing Leaders Can Leverage Sales Insights To Connect With Prospective Customers
16:56 - The Importance of Content Marketers Collaborating with their Sales Teams
18:12 - How AI is Changing the Sales Process
20:49 - Biggest Missed Opportunities for Marketing Leaders
23:30 - Tips For Building an Effective Lead Scoring System
24:38 - Key Takeaway
26:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Russell Wurth

What's In the News

Facebook Removes Text Limit on Ad Images


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