Regional Marketing Success with Jerome’s Furniture – EP 73

regional marketing success Jim Navarra

Regional Marketing Success with Jerome's Furniture

In Episode 73, Tyler and Jon discuss outdoor advertising's surpassing of print ads in marketing spend over the past year. Tyler shares that marketing leaders tend to invest in out of home advertising alongside digital media as part of larger-scale branding campaigns. Of course, measuring the true impact of out of home advertising remains a challenge for marketing leaders everywhere.

Next, Tyler welcomes Jim Navarra, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Jerome’s Furniture, onto the podcast. Jim shares some of the key factors in Jerome's success in dominating the retail furniture across Southern California. He also addresses Jerome’s marketing processes when expanding into new markets. Jim also dishes on how his team evaluates new partnership opportunities.

Tyler and Jon's Words of Twisdom feature a quote by Matthew Kovach (@MKovach) this week. Join Tyler, Jon, and Jim for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategies and establishing customer loyalty.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - What’s in the News | Billboard Ad Sales Surpass Print Ads
05:05 - Featured Guest | Jim Navarra
06:48 - Jerome's Keys to Becoming the Market Leader in Retail Furniture
08:27 - Evaluating Sponsorship Opportunities
13:18 - Building Customer Loyalty
15:56 - Jerome’s Furniture's Most Effective Marketing Channels
17:25 - Incorporating Addressable Television
18:32 - Evolving Marketing Strategies for Jerome’s Furniture
20:37 - ROI Measurement
23:45 - Jim's Biggest Marketing Challenge
25:41 - Assessing Appropriate Marketing Channels
28:55 - Email Marketing Opportunities
31:08 - Continued Market Expansion
31:53 - Assessing New Location Opportunities from a Marketing Perspective
34:07 - The Dream Shop Customer Experience
37:16 - Key Takeaway
39:18 - Words of Wisdom
41:50 - Outro

Featured Guests

Jim Navarra
Jerome's Furniture

What's In the News

What's In the News
Billboard Ad Sales Surpass Print Ads


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