Sound Marketing Strategies with Bose – EP 72

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Sound Marketing Strategies with Bose

In Episode 72, Tyler and Jon discuss the launch of Pinterest Trends, which will offer an overview of top searches on the platform. Tyler shares that the Pinterest 100 report is another great tool for marketing leaders to leverage their content marketing strategies. Next Tyler welcomes Crystal McKenzie, the head of Marketing and Brand Partnerships for Emerging Wearables at Bose, onto the podcast. Crystal dishes on Bose’s emerging wearables and their marketing strategy for some of Bose's lesser-known (but just as cool!) products. Crystal also addresses how marketing leaders can avoid complacency while creating campaigns and advises our listeners to surround yourself with people that elevate you. Tyler and Jon's Words of Twisdom featured a quote by Jamie Turner via @Mayple_com this week. Join Tyler, Jon, and Crystal for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategies and launch groundbreaking products. By the way - have you left us a review yet? If not, we'd be honored if you did!

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:36 - What’s in the News | Pinterest Trends
04:11 - Featured Guest | Crystal McKenzie
05:08 - Crystal's Role at Bose
06:07 - Bose's Marketing Strategy for Emerging Wearables
08:00 - Feedback from Launching Products
09:08 - Launch Strategy for Bose Frames
12:36 - Bose's Key Marketing Channels
15:58 - Consumer Education and Creating New Categories
16:58 - Direct to Consumer vs Third Party Retailers
18:14 - Strategy for In-Store Customer Education
21:34 - Long Term Effect on Brand Perception
23:28 - Customer Longevity
25:19 - Bose AR
26:41 - Building Brand Loyalty for Consumers
27:55 - Future of Emerging Wearables
29:31 - Evolving Marketing Strategies for Bose
30:49 - Co-Marketing Opportunities
33:03 - Focus Groups
35:07 - What’s Next for Bose
35:57 - Key Takeaway
38:25 - Words of Wisdom
40:31 - Outro

Featured Guests

Eric Raszewski

What's In the News

What's In the News
Pinterest Trends: Top U.S. Searches on Platform


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