Turning Over a New Leaf in CBD Marketing – EP 71

cbd marketing with Eric Raszewski

Turning Over a New Leaf in CBD Marketing with Eric Raszewski

In Episode 71, Tyler and Jon share that Canva has video editing capabilities in the works for 2020. This tool will be useful for digital marketers already using Canva for light design work. Tyler emphasizes that more brands and agencies are seeking to create content more frequently and Canva will be a great tool for designers to accommodate that demand in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

Next, Tyler welcomes our friend and client, Eric Raszewski, Head of Sales at Nutralife Wellness,to the show. Eric shares how he ended up joining the CBD industry on a whim before going on to become an established thought leader in the industry. He elaborates on the key components it takes for Nutralife Wellness to maintain an advantage as both a B2B and D2C brand.

Eric gives insight on the vast differences in marketing CBD and a dishes on the biggest mistakes marketers are making in the industry. Overall, Eric encourages focusing on creating a solid product while building brand loyalty.

Tyler and Jon's Words of Twisdom, featured @ELONMUSK this week. Join Tyler, Jon, and Eric for more insight on how to improve your marketing and sales strategy and grow your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:58 - What's in the News | Canva Launching Video Editing Capabilities
05:50 - Featured Guest | Eric Raszewski
06:43 - How Eric Joined the CBD Industry
08:05 - Various Nuances in Marketing CBD
09:16 - Cannabis and CBD Market Confusion
14:8 - Nutralife's B2B Vetting Process
17:17 - Challenges Marketers Face in the CBD Industry
18:15 - FDA Warning Against False Claims by CBD Brands
18:50 - Nutralife's Marketing Strategies
19:41 - Eric's Take on LinkedIn
20:30 - Nutralife's D2C Marketing
22:55 - Integrating Sales and Marketing Strategy
24:39 - Assessing Brand Challenges
26:41 - Building Brand Loyalty for Consumers
29:29 - Biggest CBD Marketing Mistakes
32:30 - A Bonus CBD Joke!
33:29 - Eric's Key Takeaway
35:47 - Words of Twisdom
40:03 - Outro

Featured Guests

Eric Raszewski
Nutralife Wellness

What's In the News

What's In the News
Brands on Twitter Can Now Hide Replies


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