Organic Social Media Success with Pura Vida Founder Griffin Thall – EP 70

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Organic Social Media Success with Pura Vida Founder Griffin Thall

In Episode 70, Tyler and Jon share that brands on Twitter will be able to hide replies to tweets. The beta testing has shown that this adjustment has helped brands eliminate tweets from trolls while controlling the motive and narrative of tweets. Tyler adds that this option will also help brands that lack in the area of customer service or under deliver for their customers. Overall, this tool is a major plus for brands that are already active on Twitter.

Next, Tyler welcomes Griffin Thall, Co-Owner and Founder of Pura Vida, to the show. Griffin shares his 10 year process in building Pura Vida into a successful brand. With a background in marketing, Griffin shares key strategies and ways to develop brand loyalty. He also dishes on Pura Vida's social media strategy.

Griffin encourages listeners to focus on the quality of their content and photography. This strategy has brought Pura Vida tremendous success and has been aided through influencer collaborations and running Instagram ads with content creators.

Tyler and Jon's newest segment, Words of Twisdom, featured @REBECCARADICE this week.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Griffin for more insight on how to improve your social media presence, marketing strategy and grow your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:03 - What’s in the News | Brand Hiding Replies on Twitter
6:52 - Featured Guest | Griffin Thall
07:17 - Pura Vida's Origin Story
07:43 - Building a Brand
08:23 - Strengthening Weak Spots Outside of an Area of Expertise
09:00 - Keys to Success
10:13 - Implementing an Effective Cause Marketing Strategy
11:15 - Most Effective Channel for Pura Vida
12:41 - Selling Through Amazon
13:00 - Migrating Customers from Amazon to Pura Vida Website
13:48 - Pura Vida's Public Relations Strategy
14:42 - Connecting Social Media to Sales
15:07 - Growing an Organic Social Media Following
16:13 - Successful Social Media Promotions
17:11 - Pura Vida's Influencer Marketer Strategy
18:24 - Paid Ads on Instagram
18:49 - Pura Vida's Biggest Marketing Challenge
19:58 - Creating Quality Content
22:13 - Key Takeaway
23:11 - Words of Twisdom
26:00 - Outro

Featured Guests

Griffin Thall
Pura Vida

What's In the News

What's In the News
Brands on Twitter Can Now Hide Replies


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