Sweet Ecommerce Marketing Tips w/ Hershey’s Brad Santanna – EP 69

ecommerce marketing tips Brad Santanna

Sweet Ecommerce Marketing Tips w/ Hershey’s Brad Santanna

In Episode 69, Tyler and Jon discuss a report from Snapchat that examines Gen Z's plans to shop big for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tyler and Jon also share last minute marketing strategies for the holidays. They mention that Adobe predicts this year's online spending will surpass last year's. Tyler emphasizes that now is the time for marketing leaders to integrate their marketing campaigns across all of their digital channels.

Next, Tyler welcomes Brad Santanna, Head of Ecommerce Sales at Hershey to the show. Brad dishes on Hershey's key strategies for ecommerce, ways to leverage impulsive sales online and partnering with third party sellers. Brad also shares his tastiest insight and gives out his favorite S'mores recipe!

Brad admits that change is difficult, especially keeping up with consumers and ever-evolving trends. Brad encourages listeners to take a fact-based approach, study digital commerce, and stick to the basics when following through on short and long term plans. Don't turn the boat a 180 degrees all at once. Share the metrics, acknowledge the shortcomings, and celebrate the success!

Tyler and Jon's newest segment, Words of Twisdom, featured @PPCADEDITOR this week.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Brad for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategy and grow your brand. By the way - have you left us a review yet? If not, we'd be honored if you did!

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:03 - What’s in the News | Gen Z Shopping Big During the Holidays
08:09 - Featured Guest | Brad Santanna
10:02 - Hershey's Ecommerce Strategy
12:58 - Hershey's SEO Strategy
15:14 - Key Channels for Ecommerce
17:59 - Impulse Purchases in Ecommerce
20:44 - Working with Third Party Sellers
21:59 - What KPIs is Hershey Watching?
23:37 - Hershey's Ecommerce Team Structure
24:36 - Hershey's Attribution Model
25:50 - Areas of Improvement for Agencies
29:31 - Software and Third Party Tool Recommendations
34:38 - Key Takeaway
36:45 - Brad's Favorite S'mores Recipe
37:58 - Words Of Twisdom
39:09 - Outro

Featured Guests

Brad Santanna

What's In the News

What's In the News
Gen Z Plans to Shop Big this Black Friday


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