Sound Marketing Advice from iHeart Media’s Dan Pecoraro – EP 68

Marketing advice with iHeart radio Dan Pecoraro

Sound Marketing Advice from iHeart Media’s Dan Pecoraro

In Episode 68, Tyler and Jon discuss Instagram's move to hide likes on their platform. This could reinvent the standard of social media principles and decrease underlying connotations when it comes to mental health issues. Tyler brings up a solid point; marketers are going to have be a little more creative getting systems in place to hold influencers accountable on metrics now that the information is hidden.

Then Tyler welcomes Dan Pecoraro, iHeart Radio's Media Director of Client Partnerships to the show. Dan shares some audio and radio strategies along with his background creating win-win partnerships in radio, digital, mobile, social, live events and on-demand entertainment.

Dan reiterates that radio is still the backbone for local and national campaigns and discusses ways to integrate campaigns with branded content. Collectively, Dan emphasizes staying creative for the correct audience regardless of the platform. Set a target and focus!

Tyler and Jon's newest segment, Words of Twisdom, featured @Hzynczak this week.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Dan for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategy and grow your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:08 - What’s in the News | Instagram Hiding Likes
03:57 - Featured Guest | Dan Pecoraro
04:36 - Dan's Role at iHeart Media
08:09 - iHeart Media's Investment in Podcasting
09:39 - The Future of Audio Advertising
11:20 - Integrating Digital and Radio Campaigns
12:43 - Examples of Successful Radio Campaigns
15:26 - Integrating Brand Content into Audio Media
16:51 - How to Track Your ROI on Audio Campaigns
18:48 - Bridging Campaigns to Sales
20:28 - Marketers Monetizing Podcast Channels
22:12 - Celebrity Presence on Podcasts vs. Ad Campaigns
22:51 - Media Buying Mistakes that Marketing Leaders Make
24:47 - How to Negotiate Media Buys
26:31 - Buying Media Inside the Political Window
30:24 - Crisis Management and the Las Vegas Tragedy
31:08 - Key Takeaway
33:50 - Words Of Twisdom
35:42 - Outro

Featured Guests

Dan Pecoraro
iHeart Radio

What's In the News

What's In the News
Instagram Hiding Likes


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