Swinging for Marketing Success with Callaway’s David Neville – EP 67

Callaway Golf interview with David Neville

Swinging for Marketing Success with Callaway’s David Neville

In Episode 67, Tyler and Jon discuss Google’s expansion of shopping ads into YouTube. This is a great way for marketers to take advantage of product listing ads in an expanded format, with an opportunity to test YouTube placements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Then, Tyler welcomes Dave Neville, Callaway's Senior Director of Brand Management, into the studio.

Dave gives us a look inside Callaway Golf's marketing operations. He goes on to discuss Callway’s procedures for leveraging its sponsored athletes, cultivating a culture of engagement among the younger generations, and growing the game of golf. Dave also touches on the success of The Links at Petco Park and leveraging podcasts to create a community around your brand. Finally, Dave shares his biggest takeaway for marketing leaders.

Tyler and Jon then go on to everyone’s new favorite segment: Words of Twisdom! Every week they will highlight one lucky twitter user and their wise tweet. This week’s wise user is actually a former guest, @PatrickLencioni!

Join Tyler, Jon, and Dave for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategy and grow your brand!

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - What’s in the News | Google Expands Shopping Ads
03:15 - Featured Guest | Dave Neville
04:21 - Callaway’s Product Launch Strategy
05:29 - Leveraging Professional Partnerships with Athletes
06:41 - Consistency with New Product Releases
08:12 - How to Cultivate Engagement with a Younger Audience
10:21 - Finding the Right Partner for Joint Marketing Efforts
12:21 - Growing the Game of Golf
17:16 - The Links at Petco Park
20:16 - How to Measure ROI on Marketing Campaigns
21:43 - Callaway's Partnership with Topgolf
24:21 - Callaway’s Engagement Model
27:42 - Taking Advantage Of Podcasts
30:41 - Callaway’s Commitment Towards Innovation
32:15 - Biggest Marketing Challenge for Callaway
34:00 - What’s on the Horizon for Callaway
37:30 - Key Takeaway
39:44 - Words Of Twisdom
41:15 - Outro

Featured Guests

David Neville
Callaway Golf

What's In the News

What's In the News
Google Shopping Ads | YouTube Inventory


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