Reinventing Live Events with Premier Productions’ Shane Quick – EP 66

Shane Quick marketing interview

Reinventing Live Events with Premier Productions’ Shane Quick

In Episode 66, Tyler and Jon discuss Twitter’s new decision to restrict any political ads on their platform. This also extends to political issues as well which makes Tyler raise the question: Where will Twitter draw the line between what is and isn’t political? Marketers could see a trickle down effect into the cost of other platforms during the political window, but it's likely to be marginal at best.

Then, Tyler welcomes Shane Quick, a Partner at Round Table Management & Premier Productions, onto the show.

Shane gives us an inside look inside a 2 million ticket live event company, Premier Productions. He goes on to discuss Premier’s procedures for evolving its marketing strategy, improving its customer experience and leveraging dynamic ticket pricing. Shane also touches on SMS marketing, the impact of social media on the live event industry, and working with John Crist, one of the fastest growing comedians in the world. Finally, Shane shares his biggest takeaway for marketers looking to grow professionally and personally.

Tyler and Jon then go on to everyone’s new favorite segment: Words of Twisdom! Every week the guys are highlighting a Twitter user that had something especially profound to share. This week’s source of Twisdom user is @Blairbeckwith!

Join Tyler, Jon, and Shane for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategy and grow your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:02 - What’s in the News | Twitter Bans Political Ads
07:04 - Featured Guest | Shane Quick
07:55 - Premier Productions
10:34 - How Premier Productions' Marketing Strategy has Evolved
13:11 - Improving the Customer Experience
17:17 - Dynamic Ticket Pricing
20:41 - Leveraging AI for Dynamic Ticketing
22:14 - Impact of Spotify And YouTube On The Live Event Industry
29:41 - How to Leverage SMS Marketing
33:45 - The Dynamic Between Artists And Promoters
38:45 - Managing And Building John Crist’s Brand
46:46 - Continued Innovation at Premier
51:43 - How to Think Outside the Box
58:37 - What’s on The Horizon for Shane Quick
1:02:30 - Key Takeaway
1:04:30 - Artists To Look Out For In 2020
1:06:20 - @Blairbeckwith | Words of Twisdom
1:08:08 - Outro

Featured Guests

Shane Quick
Premier Productions

What's In the News

What's In the News
Twitter Will No Longer Accept Political Ads


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