Hot Marketing Tips with Seirus Innovation’s Danica Carey – EP 65

Danica Carey marketing tips with Fidelitas Development

Hot Marketing Tips with Seirus Innovation’s Danica Carey

In Episode 65, Tyler and Jon discuss Google's new Ads feature, which allows you to see important shopping cart metrics from your shopping campaigns. You will be able to see what your margins with cost of goods sold and other key metrics built right into your dashboard.

Then, Tyler welcomes Seirus' Director of Marketing Operations, Danica Carey, into the studio.

Danica shares how Seirus started out of a garage in San Diego and grew into a prominent winter clothing brand. She goes on to discuss Seirus' procedures to measure social campaigns and how they are able to constantly bring new products into the market successfully. Danica also touches on Seirus’ email segmentation strategy, tips for amazing content creation, and how to improve your marketing strategy. Finally, Danica shares her biggest takeaway for marketers looking to grow.

Tyler and Jon also debut their a new segment on the podcast: Words of Twisdom! Every week they will highlight a particular wise tweet (Shoutout to @CaseyA for the first tweet to be featured!).

Join Tyler, Jon, and Danica for more insight on how to improve your marketing strategy and grow your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:04 - What’s in the News | Google Ad Campaign Metrics
04:47 - Featured Guest | Danica Carey
06:30 - What is Seirus?
08:41 - Most Important Marketing Channels
10:14 - How To Track Your ROI On Social Campaigns
11:40 - Planning Marketing Content for Seasonal Brands
14:27 - Bringing New Products to the Market
16:58 - Targeting Your Message For Different Sets of Customers
20:26 - Seirus’ Email Segmentation Strategy
22:45 - Tips For Great Content Creation
24:20 - How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy
29:16 - Key Takeaway
30:35 - New Feature! | Words of Twisdom
32:50 - Outro

Featured Guests

Danica Carey
Seirus Innovation

What's In the News

What's In the News
Google Ad Campaign Metrics


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