Marketing Your Corporate Culture with Office1’s Bailey Rogers – EP 64

Director of Marketing at Office1 Bailey Rogers

Marketing Your Corporate Culture with Office1's Bailey Rogers

In Episode 64, Tyler and Jon discuss YouTube’s new upfront offering, which allows advertisers to reserve ad placement up to 4 months out. Advertisers can now reserve their ad placements around key events like Black Friday or primary elections without upfront payment. Then, Tyler welcomes Bailey Rogers, the Director of Marketing at Office1, into the studio.

Bailey’s career began in finance for Office1 dealing with accounting, financial analytics, and acquisitions. He then identified an opportunity for growth through a new marketing strategy. He presented the idea to Office1's leadership, which led his appointment as the Director of Marketing.

Bailey gives us an inside scoop on Office1 and how they transformed office technology for businesses across the globe. He also touches on Office1’s unique brand positioning, developing a culture of synergy between each department, and ways to find the perfect marketing agency for your brand. Finally, Bailey shares his biggest takeaway for marketers looking to grow.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Bailey for more insight on how to build and grow your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:04 - What’s in the News | YouTube Ad Buying Tool
04:47 - Featured Guest | Bailey Rogers
05:13 - What is Office1?
05:45 - Bailey’s Marketing Background
07:18 - Office1’s Unique Brand Positioning
11:22 - Implementing Brand Strategy With Each Employee
14:08 - Looking At Growth Opportunities
17:08 - Office1’s Digital Marketing Strategy
20:36 - Coordinating Your Sales and Marketing Teams
22:53 - Leveraging Sales Data Into Your Marketing Strategy
24:43 - Finding The Perfect Marketing Agency For You
28:00 - Key Takeaway
29:48 - Outro

Featured Guests

Bailey Rogers
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What's In the News

What's In the News
YouTube Ad Buying Tool


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