Shooting for a Great Customer Experience with STI’s Tony Pignato – EP 63

Interview with Tony Pignato of STI-Guns

Shooting for a Great Customer Experience with STI’s Tony Pignato

In Episode 63, Tyler and Jon discuss Facebook’s new story advertising feature. Users can now message their favorite brands directly through Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Tyler and Jon warn brands to not leave leads and sales on the table and to use story ads to develop a relationship with potential customers.

Then, Tyler welcomes Tony Pignato, the Chief Marketing Director at STI, into the studio.

Tony’s career began in the military where he served 20 years in the army. He then decided to work in the firearms industry with the largest online gun retailer in the world, He fell in love with the marketing aspect of the business and built their marketing infrastructure while earning his bachelor’s degree. His experience and love for what he does led him to work with STI International, the maker of the world's best shooting handgun.

Tony gives us an inside scoop on STI and how they rebranded from being a niche product in the sport of competitive shooting to a product for anyone interested in purchasing a high-quality handgun. He also touches on the 2011 experience, leveraging events to drive sales, and different ways to communicate with your audience in a heavily regulated industry. Finally, Tony shares his biggest takeaway for marketers looking to share their story.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Tony for more insight on how to build your brand and how to develop an outstanding customer experience.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:21 - What’s in the News | Facebook Story Ads
05:18 - Featured Guest | Tony Pignato
05:43 - What is STI?
09:06 - Tony’s Military and Marketing Background
16:50 - Rebranding STI
22:00 - Developing A Unique Customer Experience
31:10 - Leveraging Events & Retail Partners To Drive Sales
33:43 - Most Effective Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategies
35:35 - Advertising with Significant Digital Marketing Restrictions
50:26 - Most Effective Marketing Channel
53:05 - Key Takeaway
55:18 - Outro

Featured Guests

Tony Pignato

What's In the News

Facebook Advertisers can now use Stories ads to start conversations in Messenger
Facebook Story Ads


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