Rejected Facebook Ads and the Future of Digital Advertising – EP 62

interview with Chuck Rossi

Rejected Facebook Ads and the Future of Digital Advertising

In Episode 62, Tyler and Jon discuss TikTok. With over 500 million users, this is an untapped marketing platform for brands that are trying to reach a young audience. Tyler and Jon also dive into what the future looks like for TikTok.

Then, Tyler welcomes Chuck Rossi, the Former Facebook Director of Engineering, onto the podcast.

Chuck’s career began in the silicon valley working with IBM as a software engineer. His experience ranges over 30 years in the silicon valley at various startups that grew to become successful companies, including Google and Facebook. He worked at Facebook for 11 years and saw the company grow from 300 to over 40,000 employees.

Chuck gives us an inside scoop on what Facebook’s culture was like during its rapid growth and how it compared to Google’s during the search giant's own rapid ascension. He then goes on to cover how powerful Facebook groups can be for your brand and how to get more reach with your organic (non-paid) content. Chuck also reflects on his experience working for the US Digital Service on the national background check system.

Finally, Chuck shares his biggest takeaway for marketers on Facebook, which is to stay in the fight.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Chuck for more insight on how to build your brand and marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:40 - What’s in the News | Tik Tok
06:30 - Featured Guest | Chuck Rossi
12:00 - Facebook's Culture
15:21 - Differences Between Facebook And Google
19:39 - The Gray Area Surrounding Facebook Ad’s Policies
27:15 - What To Do If Your Ad Campaign is Disapproved
28:34 - Importance Of Facebook Groups
33:43 - Most Effective Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategies
39:57 - How To Get More Reach On Your Organic Content
43:10 - Working At The United States Digital Service
50:45 - 2020 Digital Trends For Marketers
54:57 - How To Adapt To New Technology
56:14 - Key Takeaway
57:20 - Outro

Featured Guests

Chuck Rossi


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