Affiliate Marketing and More with Kiss My Keto’s Kate Geller – EP 60

Affiliate Marketing podcast interview with Kate Geller

Affiliate Marketing and More with Kiss My Keto’s Kate Geller

In Episode 60, Tyler and Jon discuss how Target's new loyalty program, Circle, and why this is an excellent example of a big corporation investing in data to improve the customer experience (and their bottom line).

Then, Tyler welcomes Kate Geller, the Director of Affiliate Marketing At Kiss My Keto. Kate has 7 years of experience in digital content strategy and marketing. She also has a passion for curating excellent content.

Kate explains why affiliate marketing is an effective marketing strategy and is an important tool for marketers. She goes on to share her strategy for becoming an excellent affiliate marketer, her favorite affiliate platforms, and how to distinguish between good and bad affiliates.

After dishing on all things affiliate marketing, Kate shares her biggest takeaway for successful affiliate marketing strategies.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Kate for more insight on how to use affiliate marketing effectively for your business.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:18 - What’s in the News | Target Circle Club
07:14 - Featured Guest | Kate Geller
07:33 - What is Kiss My Keto?
09:25 - Best Marketing Channels
12:33 - How to be a Great Affiliate Marketer
13:30 - Best Affiliate Platforms
15:51 - How to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Influencers
17:34 - Automation Tools
22:49 - Key Takeaway
24:10 - Outro

Featured Guests

Kate Geller


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