Brewing Up a Great Marketing Strategy with Sudden Coffee

Josh Zloof Interview Fidelitas Development

Brewing Up a Great Marketing Strategy with Sudden Coffee

In episode 55 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler sits down with Josh Zloof, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sudden Coffee, to discuss building a startup. The pair cover lessons marketers can use to understand their customers, marketing efficiently, and turning initial growth into long-term success.

Before the interview, Tyler sits down with another one of Fidelitas’ PR interns, Maria, to discuss “Peelgate”, Samsung’s latest controversy around their new foldable smartphones. Tyler and Maria talk about the costs in quality control when racing to be first to market, discussing Samsung’s pitfalls, differences their competitors take in product development, and applicable PR lessons for our listeners at home.

Tyler also speaks with Josh about co-founding Sudden Coffee, an innovative company providing high-quality specialty coffee in a convenient instant form. Josh opens up about Sudden Coffee’s rebranding, including re-identifying their target customer and choosing the right brand-development partner. Tyler and Josh later dive into the importance of balancing data and storytelling when creating effective marketing campaigns.

Finally, Josh gives his key takeaway: to look outside your company for solutions and not focus solely on engineering solutions in-house. He emphasizes the value, especially with startups, in looking outward to source ideas and information for new and creative solutions.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
02:21 - What's in the News
06:59 - Featured Guest | Josh Zloof
07:28 - Startup of Sudden Coffee
08:14 - Building the Brand
11:01 - Marketing Channels that Work
13:10 - The Rebrand Process
18:26 - Efficient Marketing Tips
21:44 - Balancing Data and Brand
23:00 - Biggest Marketing Challenges
24:51 - A Different Approach
27:40 - Key Takeaway
30:42 - Outro

Featured Guests

Josh Zloof

In the News
Samsung's PR Disaster


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