Sustained Marketing Success with WD-40’s Garry Ridge

Garry Ridge Interview WD40
Garry Ridge Interview

Sustained Marketing Success with WD-40's Garry Ridge

In Episode 54, Tyler is joined by WD-40s Garry Ridge, and the pair of CEOs geek out on all things branding, marketing, and leadership. Garry provides enlightening insights around leveraging a brand's culture for sustained marketing success.

Tyler and Garry go on to discuss the changing retail landscape, customer education, and the biggest skill set marketing leaders seem to lack today. Garry also touches on WD-40's international marketing insights and how marketing leaders can drive employee engagement.

Before the interview, Tyler and Jen discuss Google's addition of short URLs for Google My Business listings and the ensuing land grab as marketing leaders race to secure their preferred URLs, such as

Join Tyler, Jen, and Garry in episode 54's deep dive into sustained marketing and branding success.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:40 - What's in the News
06:15 - Featured Guest | Garry Ridge
07:25 - Marketing Tips for Employee Engagement
08:22 - Senior Culture
10:40 - Product Innovation
12:45 - International Marketing Strategy
14:35 - Global Customer Research
18:19 - WD-40 Brand
20:00 - Agency Relationships
21:00 - What’s Working for WD-40
22:19 - Educating Customers of WD-40 Uses
24:35 - Skill sets Marketing Leaders are Lacking
26:32 - Tips for Media Interviews
29:33 - How to Maintain Brand Success
31:15 - Key Takeaway
32:05 - Outro

Featured Guests

Garry Ridge

In the News
Google My Business


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