Amazon vs Everybody with Samsonite’s Charlie Cole

Charlie Cole Amazon vs Everybody

Amazon vs Everybody with Samsonite's Charlie Cole

In episode 53 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Charlie Cole, Global Chief eCommerce Officer of Samsonite and Chief Digital Officer at Tumi, returns to talk with Tyler about eCommerce, Amazon, and the challenges of eCommerce.

If you missed Charlie’s first appearance on the podcast, go back and check out Episode 14.

Before the interview, Tyler is joined by one of Fidelitas' PR Interns, “Intern Tyler"- his parents have great taste! The pair of Tylers discuss intern Tyler’s experience at Fidelitas, what he’s learned, and where his next steps will lead. Then, the pair discuss Pinterest, its recent move to go public, its path to profitability, and what that means for marketers.

Later in the podcast, Tyler and Charlie dive into recent developments in the eCommerce space and how brands are maneuvering them. After an in-depth discussion about the impact of Amazon on merchants, Tyler and Charlie discuss Instagram’s movement into direct eCommerce and how it will affect both brands and the user experience. Charlie then gives some insight into how to leverage AI for better sales and customer retention.

Finally, Charlie gives his key takeaway, reminding listeners that data is not a strategy. As useful as data can be, it is only as valuable as the actions the data helps you reach.

Join Tyler, Intern Tyler, and Charlie Cole in this dynamic conversation around digital marketing and eCommerce strategy.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:28 - Intern Tyler
02:30 - What's in the News
10:58 - Featured Guest | Charlie Cole
11:42 - Changes to the Marketing Landscape
12:05 - Amazon
26:00 - Instagram's Product Checkout Functionality
31:59 - Leveraging AI
34:27 - Charlie's eCommerce Hot Take
38:28 - Key Takeaway
40:15 - Outro

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Charlie Cole

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