EP 52: Flipping the Script with Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff

Flipping the Script with Oren Klaff

Another popular guest returns to the Lion's Share Marketing Podcast in Episode 52 as Oren Klaff, Author of Pitch Anything, returns to the studio at Fidelitas Headquarters for a one-on-one conversation with Tyler about pitching, framing, and flipping the script.

If you missed Oren's first appearance on the podcast, we strongly recommend listening to it first here.

Tyler and Oren take a deep dive into advanced pitch tactics that will serve marketing leaders well, plus Oren dishes on his upcoming book, Flip the Script. Oren also discusses his strategy for analyzing the marketing angle of investment deals at his firm, Intersection Capital.

Before the interview, Moises fills in for Jen and talks with Tyler about the future of advertising and voice. Google has already begun testing the implementation of local ads on the Google Home device. Tyler and Moises discuss future opportunities for advertisers with a focus on maintaining the user experience (chalk that one up to a skeptical "we'll see", for those of you scoring at home).

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:38 - What’s in the News | Ads for Google Home and Amazon Echo
06:57 - Featured Guest | Oren Klaff
07:33 - Winter Is Coming
12:02 - Time is of the Essence
15:01 - A New Frame
16:50 - Being Out-Framed in a Pitch
24:17 - Controlling Email Conversations
28:04 - Biggest Fear When Working a Deal
31:05 - Flipping the Script
34:35 - Telling a Great Story During a Pitch
41:21 - Webinar Methodology
44:17 - Oren's Upcoming Book
45:47 - Key Takeaway
49:51 - Outro

Featured Guests

Oren Klaff
Pitch Anything

In the News
Ads and Voice Devices


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