Major Facebook Changes + Disrupting the Healthcare Market

Katelyn Watson Fidelitas Interview

Major Facebook Changes + Disrupting the Healthcare Market

In Episode 56, Tyler is joined by Jon Merlin in the studio and the pair break down the recent developments from Facebook's F8 Conference. Several key announcements were made, including Instagram's in-app checkout feature expanding to content creators (read: influencers) and the integration of Whatsapp with Facebook Messenger. The pair also review Facebook's visual refresh- we've certainly come a long way from "The Facebook."

Then, Tyler is joined by Katelyn Watson, the Vice President of Marketing at NURX, a game-changing home healthcare service. Katelyn starts off by giving insight into NURX's business model and her transition into the VP of Marketing role just six months ago. Since then, she has shepherded NURX through a rebrand and continued growth and goes on to share some of her lessons from the rebranding process.

Katelyn also dishes on her most valuable marketing asset and the challenges of digital marketing due to mandatory HIPAA compliance for brands like NURX. Join Tyler, Jon, and Katelyn for the latest on all things Facebook and the process behind disrupting an established market like healthcare.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:51 - What's in the News
11:11 - Featured Guest | Katelyn Watson
12:25 - NURX
15:33 - Rebranding
19:27 - Choosing the Right Agency Partner for the Rebranding Process
22:55 - Katelyn's Transition into VP of Marketing
33:01 - Balancing a Marketing Strategy
35:30 - HIPAA Limitations for Marketers
38:54 - Healthcare Email Marketing
41:30 - Most Valuable Marketing Asset
44:08 - Biggest Marketing Challenge
46:14 - Key Takeaway
48:39 - Outro

Featured Guests

Katelyn Watson

In the News
Facebook F8 Keynote Announcement


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