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Podcasting, Content Marketing & More with Pat Flynn

To kick off Episode 57 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, Tyler and Jon Merlin discuss Nextdoor as an interesting tool for marketers. They dive into the benefits of the platform, namely the advantages that it has in marketing to local audiences and attracting real, authentic interactions with customers.

Then, Tyler is joined by Pat Flynn, a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and host of The AskPat and Smart Passive Income Podcasts.

After getting laid off from his job in architecture, Pat decided to become an entrepreneur, and created his brand with an emphasis on authenticity. He wanted to show other people the process of starting a business and building a following, giving his audience valuable advice and answering their questions. He attributes much of his success to those who surrounded him throughout the process and the relationships he built with his community and fans.

Pat continues to share his insights on the best tools, platforms, and strategies that marketing leaders can employ in building their brands and businesses. He shares how he uses email as a relationship building tool, asking questions to his audience and segmenting email lists based on the answers to those questions. Additionally, he introduces the concept of “moments of activation” to describe how finding the lyrics that best resonate with people’s problems can build brand trust and loyalty.

Finally, after discussing marketing mistakes and potential future opportunities, Pat shares his key takeaway, telling listeners to build communities that will allow their businesses and brands to thrive.

Join Tyler, Jon, and Pat for the latest on podcasting and content marketing, plus learn how you can build strong relationships between your audience and your brand.

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
01:03 - What's in the News | Next Door
07:50 - Featured Guest | Pat Flynn
08:42 - Smart Passive Income Background
17:37 - Authenticity and Growing a Personal Brand
23:53 - Investments to Drive Traffic
36:07 - Future of Podcasting
40:57 - Pat’s Book | Superfans
45:40 - Email Marketing Strategies
51:52 - Biggest Marketing Mistake
56:03 - Creating and Promoting Great Content
57:34 - Opportunities for Marketing Leaders
60:32 - Key Takeaway
61:22 - Outro

Featured Guests

Pat Flynn
Pat's Book | Superfans
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Nextdoor - Location Marketing Platform


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