Timely Marketing Insights with Barry Cohen – EP 58

Marketing Insights Barry Cohen

Timely Marketing Insights with Barry Cohen

In episode 58, Tyler is joined by Jon Merlin to discuss Facebook's rollout of a tool to clear any third party data associated with Facebook accounts and what exactly happens to that data after you clear it.

Then, Tyler welcomes Barry Cohen, the Founder of Time Concepts & of Luminox watches and other popular watch brands, onto the podcast.

Barry's career began in costume jewelry and expanded to include other accessories, such as sunglasses, umbrellas and the fresh-on-the-market category of fashion watches. He knew if he wanted to be successful, he needed to build his own brand and decided the best way to do that was by using unique technology in his products that no one else was using.

Barry shares how he figures out what market segments want, how to provide that product to them and how to focus in on the messaging for those segments. He also shares how he came up with his two newest watch brands.

After discussing selling on Amazon and his biggest marketing challenges, Barry shares his key takeaway of the importance of a product's brand and reputation.

Join Tyler, Jon and Barry for more insights on how to build a brand and a loyal following, and which watch brands to keep an eye out for!

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Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro
00:50 - What's in the News | Facebook Clear Your Third Party Data Tool
06:10 - Featured Guest | Barry Cohen
08:48 - Tapping into Market Segments
11:25 - Refining Messaging
12:43 - Barry's New Brands | Watches for CBD and Women's Rights
20:31 - Building Brand Loyalty
22:01 - Most Effective Marketing Channels
23:48 - Selling on Amazon
25:21 - Biggest Marketing Challenges
27:23 - Creating a Unique Customer Experience
28:50 - Key Takeaway
33:33 - Outro

Featured Guests

Barry Cohen
Time Concepts


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