Ep 12: Kickstarting a Brand | Dan Farris


Kickstarting a Brand with the CEO of MODRN MAN, Dan Farris

In Episode 12 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, listeners get a sneak peek into what it takes for kickstarting a brand. Dan Farris, CEO and founder of MODRN MAN, shares the motivation behind starting this new venture, the process of launching his products, as well as some of the challenges he has encountered along the way.

Dan begins by explaining that MODRN MAN originated from the need to solve a personal problem. With the help of his wife, he came to the realization that he needed to start taking better care of his skin. His initial response was to look through his wife’s skin care products but found them to be complicated and time consuming. Dan’s next attempt was to look for skin care products designed for men but what he found was that they were either the same as women’s products, simply repackaged for men, or they were confusing to use. Dan worked to engineer quality skin care products for men that are simple to use and understand. Rather than rushing to introduce his new products into the market, Dan and his team focused on understanding how men use skin care products and designed their products to fit men’s existing skin care routines.

Dan later elaborates on how the Modrn Man team has been preparing to launch their products. He talks about the Manliest Contest they hosted, through which people were able to compete for prizes while earning brand awareness for MODRN MAN. The contest was a huge win for Modrn Man and contributed to the success of kickstarting a brand with their recent Kickstarter campaign. Dan also talks about the branding video they created to introduce Modrn Man and how it clearly represents the brand’s voice as being lighthearted and humorous.

Dan goes on to share some of the biggest challenges MORDN MAN is facing. He jokes about how skin care isn’t typical locker room talk among men and this is why getting word out has proven to be difficult. Another issue is gaining consumer trust and loyalty- he explains that much work has been done to establish a long-lasting relationship with consumers. Join Kyle and Tyler in this conversation with Dan about launching the Modrn Man brand, their strategies and how they are “keeping the human race alive by making men look their best.

Time Stamps

00:00 –Episode Welcome
00:18 – Joke | Link Juice Boxes
01:07 – Co-hosts Introduction
01:53 – What’s in the News Today | Methods used by social influencers to inflate their numbers
08:49 – Kyle's Quote
12:26 – Featured Guest Introduction
13:16 – What is MODRN MAN
14:07 – Why was MODRN MAN created?
16:02 – How to get word out about new brand & concept
17:13 – Kickstarter Process & Advice for Marketing Leaders
18:30 – Manliest Contest
19:43 – MODRN MAN's Mission Statement
20:31 – What differentiates MODRN MAN from competitors?
22:38 – Brand Voice
24:16 – Biggest Challenge with MODRN MAN
25:00 – Guarantee on MODRN MAN Products
27:40 – Tips for startups' first video
29:24 – MODRN MAN's Customer Retention Strategy
30:38 – Episode Key Takeaway
31:46 – Stay Connected with Dan Farris
32:38 – Closing Comments
33:22 – Episode Outro

Featured Guests

Dan Farris- Founder/ CEO of Modrn Man
Website: ModrnMan.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/farrisdan
Kickstarter Vidoe:


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