Ep 11: Legally Sound Marketing Insights | Nasir Pasha & Matt Staub


Legally Sound Marketing Insights with Nasir Pasha & Matt Staub of the Legally Sound Smart Business Podcast

In Episode 11 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, attorneys Matt Staub and Nasir Pasha share their legally sound marketing expertise about sponsored ads, the FTC, privacy policies, terms of service, copyright infringement, and more.

Matt and Nasir begin by explaining that the majority of legal issues in marketing come from a brand's failure to perform its proper due diligence before executing a marketing plan with social influencers. Matt and Nasir explain some of the very strict regulations regarding sponsored ads that need to be followed and how these regulations tend to be ignored by influencers on their social media profiles. To prevent violating FTC regulations, Social Media Influencers must now post a clear and conspicuous notice if it is a sponsored ad.

The discussion moves onto the importance of brands protecting themselves from bad influencer behavior, since what influencers say and do on social media is a direct representation of the sponsoring brand. Matt and Nasir explain that there are legal and nonlegal aspects to consider. Brands can draw up contracts and agreements, and include morality clauses to further protect themselves from influencers’ actions.

On the other hand, Tyler and Kyle point out that due diligence can play a larger role in protecting brands by picking the right influencers for a brand from the onset of the campaign.

Matt and Nasir also dive into the differences between the privacy policy and terms of service, and what is required by law. Our featured guests conclude the conversation by discussing copyright infringement and royalty free images.

Join us in this conversation about legal issues often encountered in the marketing industry. Listen in to learn more about corporate law around marketing, requirements that businesses need to follow, how to protect your business, and other legally sound marketing insights.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Episode Welcome
00:18 – Co-hosts Introduction
00:51 – What’s in the News Today | Google Analytics Solution
05:48 – Featured Guest Introduction
06:54 – Common Legal Issues in Marketing
08:16 – Social Media & FTC
12:27 – What brands can do to protect themselves from social influencers
15:54 – Privacy Policy vs. Terms of Service
18:15 – Dangers of not having a privacy policy on company's website
19:20 – Copyright Infringement
24:29 – Legal Disclaimer
24:55 – Episode Key Takeaway
27:24 – Legally Sound | Smart Business Podcast
28:12 – Closing Comments
28:43 – Episode Outro

Featured Guests

Nasir Pasha & Matt Staub - Attorneys at Pasha Law & Hosts of Legally Sound | Smart Business Podcast
Website: PashaLaw.com
Podcast: Legally Sound Smart Business Podcast
Twitter: @PashaLawPC | @PashaEsq | @StaubLaw


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