Ep 10: Tackling PR With The LA Chargers | Scott Yoffe


Tackling PR With The LA Chargers' Scott Yoffe

In Episode 10 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast, we’re tackling PR with the LA Chargers’ Assistant Director of PR, Scott Yoffe. Scott shares his experience working in the sports industry and his story about how he first started working for the then-San Diego Chargers. He dives into how he joined a fraternity and, through their connections, got his foot in the door with the NFL team. He also discusses his experience working as a member of a large PR team and the various ways in which they represent the team and their brand.

Scott moves on to explain that they are in the relationship business; they buy personalities and sell relationships. Therefore their success is measured differently than in other industries. Their measuring stick is their relationships and their ability to go out and earn opportunities for the team to garner increased media coverage on platforms relevant to their target audience. They measure brand awareness through the minutes they are featured on TV, time they are on the radio, inches they are given in print and their overall social media and digital media coverage.

Scott explains that these measurements are important because they help the PR team determine what they can improve upon and where there are opportunities for growth and increased brand awareness. Scott comments on the challenges and opportunities that the Chargers have encountered as they attempt to expand into the Hispanic market. The NFL's efforts have ranged from bringing regular season football games to Mexico City to broadcasting the games on Hispanic radio networks. Scott mentions that the reaction from the Hispanic market has given his team reason for optimism and that they will continue efforts to further penetrate this promising market.

Scott concludes the conversation by mentioning that media in LA has been very positive and supportive throughout the team’s relocation process. He further comments that the PR team is working to strengthen their relationships with media outlets that previously covered the team to a lesser extent during its time in San Diego. He also talks about the importance of training the players and coaches how to conduct themselves with the media. Scott points out that NFL players and coaches are taught to treat every person with a camera phone as a reporter. Join us in this conversation about public relations in pro sports. Listen in to learn more about Scott’s experience with the LA Chargers PR team and get some tips on how to be successful in a PR industry by focusing on building relationships.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Joke
00:24 – Podcast Introduction
00:36 – Co-hosts Introduction
01:20 – What’s in the News Today | "What New Grads Can Do to Avoid Falling Into the Ad Industry's Burnout Rut"
07:08 – Featured Guest Introduction
07:49 – Scott's PR Journey
09:07 – Being part of a large PR team
10:05 – Balancing business interests with competitive sports interests
11:08 – KPIs and Measurements in PR
11:48 – How to manage "too much" coverage
13:30 – NFL's 24/7 Media Coverage
15:23 – Challenges & Opportunities in Reaching Hispanic Market
16:25 – LA's Media Reaction to Relocation
17:34 – Working in the second largest media market in the nation
19:37 – Function of PR Department in Maneuvering Moves & Leveraging Media Coverage
22:40 – Advice for marketing pros that are interested in the sports industry
26:08 – Episode Key Takeaway
27:26 – Closing Comments
28:03 – Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Scott Yoffe - Assistant Director of PR for the LA Chargers
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/scott-yoffe-4769b38
Twitter: twitter.com/yoffe_chargers


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