Ep 1: Optimizing Websites For Search | Jon Henshaw


Optimizing Websites For Search

In Episode 1 of the Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Jon Henshaw, offers insight into the importance of optimizing websites for search. Jon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Raven Tools, a platform that provides SEO Analyses and Reporting Software for digital marketers. This growing company recently launched its new standalone Site Auditor Tool targeted for professional SEOs and SMBs to identify issues with their websites. Jon Henshaw discusses the importance of site speed for mobile browsing and tools such as SourceSet that can be used to increase the speed of sites to provide a better user experience.

Additionally, Jon encourages digital marketers to pay close attention to where Google is headed- especially in regards to the change on focus from desktop to mobile, security, speed, and user experience. Jon elaborates on AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) being the solution Google is using to address the speed of pages across the web as well as the search giant’s true intentions behind using AMPs. The way AMP works is by converting a copy of your content into an AMP version. Google then takes the AMP version and puts it in their own server. When a user conducts a search it takes them to the AMP version and they never really visit your site- meaning that users stay on Google and view your content through the AMP version.

The AMP version strips the page of advertisements, and unless there are internal links in that content that lead users to your site, the users will never actually land on your site. Only about 3% of users who go on AMP pages actually end up visiting the original site. Join us in this conversation about site speed, AMP, and Search Engine Optimization and learn more about the steps that marketing leaders should take to prepare for the changes set in motion by Google.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Podcast Welcome
00:19 – Co-hosts/ Podcast Introduction
00:53 – What’s on the News Today | Mazda Drive for Good Campaign
02:30 – Featured Interview with Co-Founder and CEO of Raven Tools: Jon Henshaw
03:33 – What is Raven Tools and how to get started
05:40 – Google changes and how Raven Tools can support web masters
07:01 – SourceSet
09:00 – Why marketing leaders should care about site speed
10:48 – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
12:05 – AMP & Search Engine Optimization
15:06 – Amazon Web Services Conference
15:40 – AMP’s effect Google Analytic Reports
16:59 – Jokes
17:50 – Where Google is headed
22:42 – How SEOs can prepare for Google’s changes
24:06 – Transition to one platform and its effects on reporting
26:45 – Raven’s recommended URL shortener
29:15 – Raven’s New Site Auditor Tool
33:50 – Where to get Site Auditor
34:19 – Episode Key Takeaway
36:09 – Jokes – Trampoline

Featured Guest

Jon Henshaw – Co-Founder & CEO of Raven Products
Website: raventools.com
Facebook: facebook.com/raventools
Twitter: twitter.com/henshaw
Raven Tools Site Auditor


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