Ep 2: Understanding Brand Voice & Reddit | Brian Swichkow


Understanding Brand Voice & Reddit

In this episode of The Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast our featured guest, Brian Swichkow of Ghost Influence, offers insight into the importance of understanding brand voice and shares how he leverages Reddit as a marketing tool.

Community Platforms like Reddit enable users to join topic based communities where any user can submit content. Once submitted, the community collectively determines its value through a democratic vote. Unlike the content shared on Brand Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) where the perceived value of the message is determined by the influence of the person sharing, these communities measure their value by its relevance to designated topic and its quality when compared to previously submitted content

Swichkow shared how Reddit's structure, having diminished the importance of the individual, makes it the perfect environment for seeding ideas and developing public opinion. With journalists from major publications sourcing Reddit for stories; success on Reddit leaks across the web. There’s a reason they call Reddit the ‘Front Page of the Internet’.

In his episode, Swichkow shares how to stand out on Reddit by first understanding the character of the communities and crafting the content to fit their interests. Recognizing that most of the lessons he remembered from school had come from stories, he began his journey by sharing a few of his own His first story, a tale about how he pranked his roommate with targeted facebook advertising, went viral and catalyzed his obsession with crafting narratives that were designed to be shared. He highlights the importance of crafting stories for the audience to carry as their own.

Swichkow also highlights the importance of learning about the personality and language of your brand’s voice in order to better connect to your audience and build a meaningful connection.

Join us in this conversation about crafting experiences for unique audiences, the similarities between finding target audiences and finding the ideal date, and high personality brands. Listen in and learn how to use Reddit as a marketing tool while standing out from the competition.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Episode Welcome
00:19 – Co-host Intro
00:51 – What’s in the News Today | “Ads in Facebook Messenger are Officially Here”
05:26 – Featured Interview with Brian Swichkow
06:29 – Brian Swichkow’s Background
10:11 – Crafting Stories for Different Platforms
10:52 – Reddit
13:11 – Reddit Experiment
19:05 – Similarities between finding target market and the ideal date | Hacks to stand out
24:23 – How to use Reddit as a marketing tool
27:44 – Reddit Users & Content
29:04 – Brian Swichkow’s Reddit Philosophy
30:58 – High Personality Brands
31:44 – Ground zero for getting started with Reddit as a marketing tool
36:06 – Where Reddit is headed
38:05 – Episode Takeaway
42:04 – Brian Swichkow’s contact information
42:57 – Never been arrested & good attorneys
43:48 – “Dad Jokes” – Pirates & Marketing
44:31 – Episode Outro

Featured Guest

Brian Swichkow – Ghost Influencer
Website: ghostinfluence.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ghostinfluence
Twitter: twitter.com/ghostfluence
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